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September 29, 2009




When we met with you to have supper before we left, I had tears in my eyes: not tears of missing you, but tears of joy knowing that you are where God wants you to be! this post confirms it. I am honored to call you my friend and brother. God truly has great things for you and to see the joy and excitement in your writing is proof! Love you so much!

Jana "Gigi" Garner

Congratulations. I like what I think you called "being in the grace of the slipstream" of life (or God's direction). I am stealing that phrase. It's exactly what I have been experiencing since I arrived in Portland at the end of September.

God knows how to order our paths. I attribute it to his impeccable timing (which I also attribute to his existence outside of our time/space continuum).

So lovely to hear how you adjusted in Paris and formed such empowering, encouraging attachments.

After your blogs about your experiences, I want to visit Mosaic. Sounds amazing. I've been doing something of an anthropological study at the local Chinese Buddhist Temple here, but I've heard there is a small scale community (kind of like your description of Mosaic) here called Imago Dei. I hope to plug in there soon.

May peace and joy overtake you at every turn,
Joyeux Noel,
Gigi Garner

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