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October 28, 2009



Mocha!!! This is great to read, (and i did it all the way to the end!!) i'm really praying for you that in this 2 years you'll have a new perspective in life, what to do, where to go... and every place has its own and unique need!!
see you soon! at least, its easy to fly from a city to another to say hi!!

a +++


Now you're talking Scott! A France shaped cavity huh? Great to see you are learning to discern the voice of the spirit ;-) So I guess we'll be seeing you in a couple of years then?
cheers R


You sound like John Boy at the end of a Waltons episode - it made me cry.
I am happy for you and for the kingdom of God because God is obviously preparing you for his work of destroying the works of the satan and setting people free.
Youre the man,

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